Explore our range of top fantasy fashion garments. You'll be sure to stand out from the crowd and release your inner individuality!

Fantasy Fashion at Honour Clothing

Fantasy Fashion at Honour Clothing (32)

Latex Zipped Shorts


Purple PVC Style Hotpants


Zip Centric Latex Shorts


Plum and Gold Latex Tight...


Mens Leatherette Shorts


Black PVC Hotpants


Black Latex Mini Parisian Knix


Mens Latex Side Zip Shorts


Latex Cycling Shorts


Latex Red Stripe Shorts


Mens Green Latex Shorts


PVC Buckled High Waist Briefs


Black PVC Parisian Shorts


Mens 2-Way Zip Leather Shorts


PVC Laced Lara Shorts


VynX Briefs


Leather Emperor Shorts With Lacing


VynX Meshing Briefs


Rosso Fire Briefs


Rosso Red Rubber Shorts


Leather & Lace Shorts


Revolution Rubber Long Shorts


Blue Stripe Race Shorts


Rosso Red Latex Long Shorts


Nyx Inferno Shorts


Rosso Fire Shorts


Regiment Latex Shorts


Latex Red Parisian Knickers


Plus Size Latex Mini Parisian...


VynX Stun Briefs with Pouch


VynX Enhance Long Cycle Shorts


VynX Enhance