Your festival wardrobe just got a lot more exciting! We're reimagining the festival look so you can indulge in a new level of fantasy and heighten the thrill of being at your favourite event. Stand out from the crowd and embrace your identity with our top picks.


Festival Wear

Festival Wear (41)

Neo Crossover Latex Bra in...


PVC Pink Party Skirt


Classic Trim Latex Mini Skirt...


PVC Range Catsuit


PVC Bordeaux Burgundy Bra With...


Green Latex Mini Vest Dress


Silver Zipped Latex Dress In...


Pleated PVC Burgundy Skirt


PVC Dancer Skirt


Pink Classic Style Halter Latex...


2-Way PVC Catsuit


PVC Pink Gal Mini Skirt


Black & Pink Latex Briefs


Handcrafted Fuchsia Latex Top


Handcrafted Fuchsia Mini Skirt


Handcrafted Fuchsia Latex Dress


Blush Bandeau Latex Bra


V-neck Latex Top & Bow


Handcrafted Cherry Latex Mini Skirt


Low Back Cut Halter Latex...


Dual Toned Latex Catsuit


Silver Mens Lingerie Shorts


Gold Mens Lingerie Shorts


Red Cultivate Boned Corset


PVC Hipster Skirt in Purple


PVC Dani Divine Dress


Pink Micro Latex Skirt


Black Mens Leather Shirt


Blue Latex Collared T Shirt


Black & Red Latex Hoody


PVC Red Remi Skirt


Red Plastic Overcoat