Honour Clothing's Halloween Top Picks

door Rachel Money op September 14, 2023
Not sure how to stand out this Halloween? We have you covered with our top picks of Latex and PVC based costumes, from classics to outfits which are a little more unique. Why not come see for yourself?


Perfect for besties or couples!

Starting off on a strong one, a classically spooky witch and their familiar; perfect for couples or besties, or mix and match the cats and witches for a big group costume! These costumes are incredibly simple to make from our black staple pieces if you're in a rush.
To make sure you're really feline good, combine a PVC body suit or catsuit with some fishnets and cat ears for purrfect 'fit, or top any of our sleek black dresses with a classy pointed hat and some striped tights to become the baddest witch around! These may be simple, but they're classics for a reason!


Whether it's PVC or Latex, you can't go wrong with a hauntingly evil nurse!

Check out our range of pre-made PVC and Latex nurse outfits and accessories designed to add a unique twist to a Halloween classic. If you don't want to go all out, you can start with a plain Latex or PVC dress base, which can be combined with nurse accessories for a more subtle look, and a slight touch of your favoured alternative material.
Try pairing these outfits with fishnets, thigh high boots or some raunchy accessories of your choosing, to make your nurse costume one of a kind!

😈Supernatural Creatures😈

Devils, Vampires and Demons

Fancy making your costume a little darker? Aiming for something a spookier, perhaps undead, or downright hellish in nature? An elongated, black silhouette is perfect for the likes of vampires - something to accentuate your curves and make you feel amazing. We absolutely love our latex cocktail dress, or PVC flare dress to create the ultimate "queen of the night" look.
If an undead vampire isn't for you, try exploring a demon or devil, going for a more sensual deeper red for a classy demon (like our rouge PVC catsuit), or a cartoonish vibrant red for your typical cheeky devil (we love our Glitz latex dress for this one). Regardless of your colour palette, we have so many red, burgundy and black staples that can be manipulated into the perfect costume.

💀Something for the men💀

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you!

Whether you're still hanging on to the Barbenheimer craze, or after a costume that's a little more typically spooky, there's plenty of options. With plenty of staple pieces adaptable for any aesthetic, we have you covered.
Try our Striped Green Khaki top for those military-Oppenheimer vibes, or flip the script with our Warrior sleeveless top for some intense leather Kenergy, inspired by the biggest hits of the year. If you're after something a little more typical of the Halloween season, you can't go wrong with our classic black latex shirt for a suave vampire look.