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🎄An Honour Clothing Christmas🎄

🎁Not sure what to wear over the festive season, but know you definitely want some PVC or Latex goodness? You've come to the right place!🎁
❄️We'll walk you through our top 10 picks for the festive season, along with some styling suggestions on how to really stand out, whatever the event!❄️
Range PVC Catsuit
We love a classic vibrant red catsuit for the holiday season, with the added bonus that they’re one garment, so you only really have to consider accessories! Pair the catsuit with thigh-high black or metallic boots to add a hint of edge and sophistication, or incorporate holiday-themed accessories, to bring a festive flair to the outfit. If you want to go full on festive, this makes the perfect Santa or Mrs Santa base!
PVC Remi Skirt
Only want a little taste of PVC? For a festive and stylish holiday look, pair our red Isabella PVC skirt with a shimmering gold or silver blouse. The metallic tones will complement the bold red hue, creating a glamorous ensemble perfect for Christmas parties or holiday gatherings. Complete the look with sleek heels in a neutral colour, allowing the vibrant red skirt to take centre stage.
PVC White Shirt
Pairing our white PVC shirt with our black PVC tie creates a classic and sophisticated ensemble, perfect for formal holiday gatherings. If you're aiming for a bolder statement, we recommend the same PVC tie in a festive burgundy, to infuse a touch of festive flair into your outfit. This combination is perfect for those of you who have formal family holidays or events, but still want a little PVC shine!
PVC Senorita body
We absolutely love pairing this PVC bodysuit with high-waisted black or dark-coloured skinny pants or a stylish skirt for a balanced and chic look. The glossy texture of the red PVC creates a head-turning effect, capturing the holiday spirit with its vibrant hue. You can easily add a touch of glamour with accessories like statement earrings or a metallic clutch to complement the edgy nature of the bodysuit. Enhance the festive feel by opting for strappy heels or ankle boots in a coordinating colour - this stunning bodysuit is sure to make you stand out and radiate confidence at any Christmas celebration.
PVC Dancer Skirt
Elevate your holiday party style with a burgundy PVC skater skirt that seamlessly combines festive charm with edgy flair. Start by pairing the skirt with a form-fitting black PVC or latex crop top for a sultry yet playful ensemble. The contrast of the rich burgundy hue against the sleek black creates a visually striking effect. Consider adding a statement belt in a metallic or studded design to accentuate the waist and add a touch of holiday glamour. Alternatively, cosy up in a cropped sweater or Christmas jumper tucked into the waistband for a cosy chic look. If burgundy isn’t exactly what you’re after, this skirt is also available in black.
Plum & Gold Latex Cycle Shorts
If you’re the kind who always wears shorts, all year round, this is the one for you! In a stunning festive colour tone, these can be paired with almost any latex or PVC garments you already have. Complete the collection with the matching top, or contrast with some classic black, allowing the shorts to steal the show! Complete the look with high-shine black boots or shoes to maintain the overall polished aesthetic. This unconventional and stylish ensemble is sure to turn heads and set a unique tone for a memorable Christmas celebration.
Front Zip Latex Dress
This classic polo dress is stunning on its own, or decked out for the festive season. To complement the bold red, accessorise with a wide black PVC belt to cinch the waist and create a flattering silhouette - opt for minimalistic latex gloves in black to maintain a cohesive and edgy look. Complete the outfit with statement accessories such as metallic or black latex choker and cuff bracelets for a touch of modern elegance. This daring combination ensures you'll stand out at any holiday celebration, making a lasting impression with a perfect blend of sophistication and daring style.
Plum & Gold Latex T-shirt
Elevate your Christmas party style with a bold choice like a men's plum latex T-shirt, creating a distinctive and festive look. Pair this statement piece with black PVC or latex trousers for a sleek and cohesive ensemble. Consider layering a black blazer or jacket for added texture and refinement, balancing the daring nature of the latex with a polished touch. Keep accessories minimal to let the unique texture and colour of the latex T-shirt take centre stage, ensuring you make a stylish and memorable impression at any Christmas gathering.
Sleeveless Bordeaux PVC Catsuit
Styling a burgundy PVC sleeveless catsuit for Christmas parties can create a bold and alluring statement. To complement this daring piece, consider incorporating other PVC or latex elements for a cohesive and striking ensemble. A high-shine black PVC corset can accentuate the waist and add a touch of structure to the catsuit. Pair it with knee-high black PVC boots to elongate the legs and maintain the sleek, edgy aesthetic. Play with textures by incorporating glossy accessories like a latex choker or wrist cuffs.
Plum & Gold Latex Flared Dress
Elevate your holiday party look with a luxurious twist by styling our plum latex skater dress with other PVC or latex pieces. Begin by choosing accessories that complement the rich plum hue, such as glossy black or deep burgundy heels. Consider adding a wide PVC belt to accentuate the waist and create a defined silhouette - if you want a little extra, opt for the version of this dress that has a bow! Play with textures and finishes within the PVC or latex pieces to add visual interest without overwhelming the look. This ensemble effortlessly combines the playful silhouette of a skater dress with the bold allure of latex, creating a distinctive and captivating outfit for the Christmas celebrations.
This dress is available with or without the bow.