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What Our Corset Says About You
Here at Honour Clothing, we have a variety of styles and designs of corsets. Why not find out what corset you get in our interactive Corset Roulette! Simply tap on the video to start and tap once more to pause the video. Find out what that corset says about you now!

1. PVC Pin Up Corset
SKU: C4293.BLK
Our beloved patent, heart shaped corset creates that cinched waist appearance. Illustrating a feminine figure. Accentuating the waist and enhancing your chest. This corset screams independence. You are someone who calls the shots and is NOT to be messed around with. The sleek appearance shows that although you are powerful but at heart, a kind soul.

2. Fire PVC Corset Overbust
SKU: C4306.RED
This hot red patent corset is one that you simply cannot take your eyes off. Demanding everyone's attention in the room, we know that you are the life of the party and make everyone you meet mesmerized. You are a character of strength and desire. Those who know you and don't wish they could be as dominant as you are. Walk in any room and watch those eyes follow you as you wear the corset with confidence.

3. Parisian Overbust Corset
SKU: C4304.B/W
Prim and proper. This corset tells us you are an organized and classy individual. Committing to your plans and looking after yourself or others. But you are simply rewarding yourself in your personal life. The corset is dependable, strong yet soft. You are a reliant person and more people look up to you than you know.

4. Faux Leather Underbust Long Corset
SKU: C4290.BLK
Our corset gives a mystery and edgier look to any outfit. You are someone who doesn't follow the rules and prefers to subtly stand out from the crowd. When people meet you they are surprised to find that you have an exciting energy about you. Something that you don't have to show off because you already know you have THAT vibe.