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Top 10 Latex Garments

by Rachel Money on August 17, 2023
Latex - versatile, stylish and yet so bold. We’ve broken down our top 10 latex garments from best-sellers and customer favourites to the personal preferences of our designers and head office team to give you some inspiration for your next night out, office party or even just to spice up your everyday wardrobe. We’ve tried to include some pieces which we find fun to make and wear, and also some which are as classic as they come, whether it’s a fully form fitting catsuit, or a flared skater dress.
Four-Strap Gella Latex Corselette
Starting off the list at number 10 we have a simple, yet versatile piece, available in three different colours and designed to flatter all. Whilst most people opt for black, we prefer the more unique colours on this item, which is why we’ve produced it in a stunning metallic purple and a vibrant metallic red.
Latex Racerback Men's Vest - Honour Clothing
Latex Racerback Men's Vest
Men’s latex doesn’t always have the same variety as women’s, which is why our designers love this piece. A flattering vest, designed to expose and show off the shoulders and upper arms, detailed with an unusual green trim and buckle details.
Latex Definition Skirt - Honour Clothing
Latex Divine Skirt
Divine, exactly as described. This is probably one of the most flattering skirts we do, with the lace up back detailing emphasising your curves. We couldn't decide which colourway looked best, so we made both - it’s available in red with a black trim, or black with a red trim.
Sleeveless Red Latex Catsuit
While black catsuits are a classic, they can be boring, which is why we can’t get enough of this stunning piece. Made from a high quality metallic red latex, in a sleeveless design with a corset detail in black latex trim, this screams “Look at me!”. If you’re after something different, daring and bold, this is it.
Latex Buckled Underbust Corset
We absolutely love this one for layering, and adding a little something to a simple outfit. Whilst most corsets are steel boned for that perfect hourglass shape, this is a little different with plastic boning for a more subtle shape. The stretch and form of the latex pulls you in to flatter your shape while the buckles add that little bit of detail needed on a plain dress (latex or not), to take it from day-wear to a gorgeous evening look.
Latex Striction Shirt
Most latex is designed to be completely tight fitting, but not this one! A stunning fitted shirt, with puffed sleeves and a gathered cuff to give a unique shape. Let’s not even get started on the contrast red collar handcuffs which tie this piece together. We absolutely love how versatile and different this piece is, it’s incredible alone or layered.
Latex Skinny Jeans with Braces
We think these are a really simple yet unique piece, which is why they’ve snagged the 4th spot. Made from our high quality latex, these jeans have removable, adjustable braces to add a little something to your outfit. These jeans truly flatter any legs and cling in all the right places to show off your immaculate shape.
Moulded Latex Stockings + Gloves
We’re being a bit cheeky and putting two products in position three, because we couldn’t choose between them. Latex gloves and socks are a staple to elevate any outfit, and what’s even better is that they’re available in varying lengths! Wrist, elbow, or shoulder-length, standard sock or thigh high stocking, we’ve got you covered (or not!).
Black Latex Catsuit
Sometimes you just can't beat the classics, and you don’t get more timeless than a simple yet elegant black catsuit. Perfect to show your silhouette, or build the base of your catty costume, it’s got a soft spot in all our hearts. This is such a versatile garment it had to be up here.
Retro Halter Latex Dress
A classic cut with so many colour variants and limited-edition seasonal styles, that we can’t choose just one - this dress can’t be beaten! Combining the best of a fitted latex bodice and a flared skater skirt, it’s a wardrobe staple for all seasons. It’s such an easy dress to modify with trims, bows and detailing to make one off pieces or limited variants that our customers love, and we love them too! It’s such a brilliant dress, that we’ve even had the pleasure of working with Celene Nox to model and give her name to the electric-blue trimmed variant.