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Styling a Corset with PVC

Layering Women’s Clothing:
Layering different garments can produce amazing results. Today we’ll be looking back at one of our previous photoshoots where we paired corsetry with some of our pvc classics. It’s always been a popular combination for us so we thought we’d bring it to life!

‘Combining different fashion assets can provide such creative freedom. Especially when you’re experimenting with alternative garments. It’s quite empowering’

- By Honour Stylist

Shape & Gloss:
The glossy texture of PVC makes it great to pair with a classic form fitting corset. The base layer of pvc works to then highlight the corset in all its detail. You may want to go for black pvc with a black corset for subtlety or add a colour contrast. A colour contrast will certainly create more of a feature of the corset.

One of our favourite styles is the black pvc catsuit with a different colour corset. Catsuits are always great as a base layer. It acts as a second skin holding the body whilst the corset hugs the waist in a colourful fashion. It feels sexy, stylish and unique.

PVC Dancer Skirt:
A flared skirt also works beautifully with a corset. The skirt provides the necessary bottom to your outfit and feels like it naturally flows into the corset design that covers the upper body. You could choose an overbust design if you want to feature a more classic style. Alternatively you could pick an underbust design and add a pvc bra to continue the flow of the outfit. This will create a standout outfit that feels conscientiously fashionable.

Latex Buckled Underbust Corset


Black Satin Waist Cincher


PVC Pin Up Corset


Leather Classic Overbust Corset


There are so many different styles, combination and layering options when it comes to pvc clothing and corsetry. It’s relatively easy to combine options and mix & match on different occasions. You should consider the overall garment style and the colours that you want to play with. You can really explore your inner fashion sense. It’s a show stopper when done correctly!