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Why Is Latex So Expensive?

Some of the most common questions we are asked is, "why is latex so expensive" and "how can you justify charging this much a dress?" Read on to find out a little more about where latex comes from, and how we do our best to keep our prices competitive and welcoming to all.

How Are Glued Latex Garments Made?

Glued latex garments are made from sheets of latex, cut out using patterns and glued securely at the seams.
Most of our latex is made from 0.33mm and 0.45mm latex sheeting, however we currently have a mens catsuit and vest available in heavy duty 0.55mm latex, for those who want something with a little more substance to it.
Generally speaking, when the latex is made in a thicker gauge, it has a little less stretch to it, or is harder to stretch, compared to the thinner material which is incredibly easy to stretch. On the flip side of this, the thicker latex is more durable than that of a thinner gauge, but with the right care it can last a long time, regardless of thickness.

How Is Moulded Latex Made?

Moulded (or seamless) latex does exactly what it says on the tin - it has no seams, and no glue is required. Instead a mould is created of the final design, which is dipped into a vat of liquid latex to form the given shape with minimal effort. This technique is perfect for making gloves and stockings, as these can be more difficult to make in the more traditional sense due to the shape and curves of these garments. Despite the ease, it is to create a consistent gauge across the latex in these items, as liquid flows and can be unpredictable. This is why many moulded items are not able to be listed with a set thickness like traditionally made garments are.

What Are The Costs Behind Making Latex?

The main reason for the cost of latex is the time and skill required to make it. It requires a lot of practice and training to get the techniques just right, to create latex that will fit beautifully and stand the test of time. A simple latex catsuit without any additional features or panelling can take upwards of 7 hours to cut out and piece together, which is most of a working day!

What Do We Offer?

Since our beginnings in 1988, we have built up a reputation for incredible Latex and PVC clothing, beginning with our Waterloo store, which is still open to this day! Our pattern collection has only increased since then, and we release new designs multiple times a year, constantly changing and updating based on what our customers want form us.

The Honour Experience

We utilise our experienced designers and strong connections to the industry to provide Latex and PVC clothing worldwide to an incredibly varied audience. Our reputation in the industry for high quality latex is only surpassed by our reasonable and affordable prices. Did you know that we also offer Klarna and PayPal pay-in-3 options?

How We Keep Prices Low For You

Despite our extensive collection, age and reputation, our goal is to make Latex affordable for all who wish to delve into this world. We compromise on profits and keep our retail prices a little lower than we should, whilst running frequent sales around those tougher times of year, like Christmas. We take pride in our Loyalty scheme, which allows our returning customers to earn points which they can redeem for additional discounts across the site!

Common Latex Misconceptions