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Latex In The Summertime

So you discovered that you love latex and want to keep wearing it now that summer is (slowly) approaching. Only problem is, you discovered latex over winter when it was cold outside, and overheating wasn't a major issue, but now that the sun is out and the temperature is rising, you’re not sure how feasible it is to wear your favourite catsuit out all day!
Choose Smaller Garments

Explore our range of bras, skirts and shorts to keep cool this summer, or you can easily pair some latex leggings or longer skirts with more breathable everyday materials, as this will have the same effect.

In short, the less latex you have directly touching your skin, the more breathable it will be, and it will keep you much more comfortable. Try pairing your favourite pieces with some mesh or fishnet, for a varied look, and make the most of the summer breeze.

Choose Loose Fit Items

Loose fit is not something you've probably ever considered with latex, as it's designed to be tight and figure hugging

Staying in the shade will also have a massive impact, both to your comfort and the durability of your latex. Sun can bleach the colour and structural integrity of latex materials, and can cause damage if overexposed.