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Festival Wear

Introducing our alternative festival clothing collection! Get ready to embrace the spirit of adventure with our range of festival clothing! Designed for free spirits and independent thinkers, our collection is sure to set you apart with style and individuality. 

Festival Wear (62)

Black Plastic Overcoat


Minimal Mesh High Neck Dress


Black Plastic Long Raincoat


Futura Mesh 2 Piece Shrug...


Futura Mesh Leggings


Bird of Paradise Rave Shorts


2-Way PVC Catsuit


Synth Wave Mesh Sleeved Top


Bird of Paradise Tube Top


Black PVC Swivel Skirt


PVC Dancer Skirt


Fluctuation Mesh 2 Piece Shrug...


Classic Style Halter Latex Dress


Black PVC Viola Mini Skirt


Fluctuation Mesh Leggings


Latex Pink Trim Dancer Skirt


PVC Pink Party Skirt


Pink Classic Style Halter Latex...


PVC Dancer Skirt in Burgundy


Bird of Paradise Rave Gloves


Wetlook Body & Velvet Choker


PVC Pink Gal Mini Skirt


Pleated PVC Burgundy Skirt


PVC Clasera Mini Dress


Purple PVC Zipped Catsuit


Black PVC Club Mini Skirt


Fishnet/Lace Bodystocking


Red Classic Style Halter Latex...


PVC Hipster Skirt in Purple


PVC Candy Apple Bodysuit


Purple PVC Club Mini Skirt


Red Plastic Long Raincoat