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Honour Clothing was established in 1988 and has been independently run ever since. The story began in our Waterloo store that still runs today. What started as a lingerie store soon expanded.

Our founders spent every day speaking to customers and realised that fashion could be repressive and restrictive. The everyday customer wanted to explore and fundamentally dress differently. Something that they could express their identity through.

We then set out to change this and found an amazing community of individuals. We spoke to everyone we possibly could and started designing garments that allowed people to live their fantasies, whatever they may be. We experimented with different styles, materials, garment types and we continue to do so.

It’s been a long process and there have been a lot of changes over the years. We’ve made mistakes but have slowly improved our craft in designing, manufacturing and bringing fantasy based clothing to life. 100’s of designs later and we still aim to push the boundaries in what we do.

Honour Clothing has always worked with alternative people, those who want to stand out, express themselves and their identity. We try our best to not be influenced by mainstream pressures so that we can provide something different. That our customers can feel special in.

Our little community has crossed over to the mainstream and we’ve worked with most of the top magazines, production companies and a list of high profile celebrities throughout the years.