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Choose from a wide range of Women's PVC skirts to suit any wardrobe. Our PVC women's skirts are made of high quality PVC material, which makes our skirts comfortable and durable!

PVC Women's Skirts

PVC Women's Skirts (41)

Black PVC Swivel Skirt


PVC Dancer Skirt


PVC Black Penelope Pencil Skirt


PVC Bordeaux Skirt


Black PVC Viola Mini Skirt


Wetlook Penny Pencil Skirt


Burgundy PVC Viola Mini Skirt


PVC Dancer Skirt in Burgundy


Black Zipped Classic Mini Skirt


PVC Marlo Skirt


Black PVC Club Mini Skirt


Pleated PVC Burgundy Skirt


PVC Red Remi Skirt


PVC Black Mini Classic Skirt


Flirty Frilly PVC Missy Skirt


VynX Classic Skirt


PVC Cherry Mermaid Skirt


Red Stripe PVC Pencil Skirt


PVC Jenna Skirt


Purple PVC Viola Mini Skirt


Black PVC Clarity Skirt


PVC Micro Skirt With Belt


Asymmetry Skirt


Asymmetry Black Skirt


PVC Skinny Fit Pencil Skirt


PVC Harmonic Skirt


PVC Pink Gal Mini Skirt


PVC Pink Party Skirt


PVC Hipster Skirt in Purple


Purple PVC Club Mini Skirt


PVC Purple Penelope Pencil Skirt


Plus Size PVC Rota Pencil...