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What Is Fantasy Fashion?
Fantasy fashion is a unique and interesting revolution in the fashion world. It is an alternative sub branch of high fashion that has been growing for years. This style of fantasy fashion includes a vast range of materials that you would not see in your average clothing stores. With a big focus on materials like latex, pvc, wetlook and leathers this branch of fashion is a bit more risque with a focus on stunning figure hugging fits and accentuation of the natural body.

Live Your Fantasy and Highlight Your Personality

Fantasy fashion has a great focus on body positivity and utilizing clothing to highlight a person's natural beauty. It covers a wide range of styles and clothing types with different genres encompassed within this overarching term fantasy fashion. There are a couple sub genres that demonstrate how diverse the scope of styles are and where they can be worn:

Types of Fantasy Fashion

Rubber fashion
Blended styles- (mixed with high fashion or day to day clothing)

Today alternative fantasy fashion is becoming a lot more popular and widespread with appearances in celebrity culture becoming more and more common. Join the fashion revolution at Honour clothing where you can bring your fantasy styles to life.