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See our range of latex care products. Keep your latex clothing in the best condition with latex shines, cleaners, sprays and more!

Latex Care

Latex Care (43)

100ml Pjur Cult Dressing Aid


120ml Vivishine Latex Polish


400ml Silicone Spray (UK Only)


220ml Vividress Latex Dressing Aid


250ml Skin Two Latex Cleaner


100ml BeGloss Perfect Shine Traveller


Morticia Rubber Crossbody Bag


Nancy Rectangular Hip Bag


Lilith Shoulder and Crossbody Latex...


Sabrina Square Hip Bag


Lidia Diamond Studded Hip Bag


Wednesday Rubber Backpack


100g Skin Two Latex Protection...


250ml Pjur Cult Ultra Shine


250ml Viviclean Latex Cleaner


250ml BeGloss Perfect Shine


250ml BeGloss Easy Glide


100ml Begloss Perfect Shine Spray


100ml Skin Two Latex Dress...


250ml BeGloss Special Wash Latex


100ml BeGloss Easy Glide Traveller


100ml BeGloss Easy Glide Premium...


Small BeGloss Perfect Shine Polish...


250ml BeGloss Easy Glide Premium...


100ml BeGloss Perfect Shine Daylight


Medium BeGloss Perfect Shine Polish...


100ml Begloss Special Wash Latex


Vivi - Dress & Shine


250ml BeGloss Perfect Shine Daylight


Vivi - Clean, Shine and...


Vivi - Vivishine & Shine...


Vivi - Clean, Dress, Shine...