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Shirts, tops, v-necks and a range of other styles are available in latex, vinyl, pvc and more. Clothing that looks stylish for outside wear. Styles like full body suits, vests and tops with a huge range of designs and colours to pick from.

Men's Tops

Men's Tops (75)

Leatherette Mens Top


Latex Classic T Shirt


Black PVC Mens Sleeveless Zip...


Mesh T Shirt


PVC Classic Fit Shirt


Latex Vest With Zip


Heavy Duty (0.55mm) Vest


Plum and Gold Latex Crew...


Green Khaki Shirt with Stripes


Latex 2-Tonal Shirt


Transparent Panel T-Shirt


PVC Classic Round Neck T...


Latex Long Sleeve T Shirt


PVC Mens Classic Short Sleeve...


Latex Sleeveless T Shirt


PVC Mens Black Top


Latex Classic Zipped Jacket


Latex Short Sleeve Shirt


PVC White Smart Shirt


Lycra Studded T Shirt


Leather Warrior Sleeveless Top


Black Leather Shirt & Nylon...


Leatherette Classic Style Shirt


Leatherette Mens Polo Shirt


Round Neck Premium Leather T-Shirt...


Renegade Round Neck Latex T...


Latex Classic Shirt In White


Latex Classic Shirt In Black


Fully Lined Leather Waistcoat


Hooded Shirt With Drawstring Cord


Mens Wetlook Front Pocket Shirt


Short Sleeved Black Leatherette Shirt