Look no further than our carefully curated collection. Featuring some of our bestsellers and favourite underdogs, there's bound to be something here to make him smile upon receiving your love from Honour. 

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him (24)

PVC Black Straight Cut Jeans


PVC Thru Zip Shorts


Red PVC Long Opera Gloves


Mesh T Shirt


Leatherette Classic Jeans


250ml BeGloss Perfect Shine


Latex Classic Briefs


Vivi - Dress & Shine


250ml BeGloss Special Wash Latex


PVC Panelled Mesh Boxers


Leather Warrior Sleeveless Top


Rear Pleats Leather Kilt


Mens Latex Side Zip Shorts


Vivi - Vivishine & Shine...


Red Latex Elbow Gauntlets


PVC Bow Tie


Red Latex Wrist Gauntlets


PVC Classic Male Thong


Bold Leather Boxers


Red Male Thong


Round Neck Premium Leather T-Shirt...


Latex Green Belt


Latex Panel Shirt


PVC Elasticated Male Pouch