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Men's PVC Clothing

Be the trendsetter with our PVC clothing range. Our range includes a variety of PVC clothing including PVC trousers, PVC tops and accessories. All of our pvc clothing is crafted from the highest quality PVC. It's stylish yet functional and is a great addition to your wardrobe.

Men's PVC Clothing (73)

PVC Black Straight Cut Jeans


PVC Mens Black Top


PVC Thru Zip Shorts


Black PVC Mens Sleeveless Zip...


PVC Bow Tie


Black PVC Short Gloves


PVC Shoulder Length Gloves


PVC Boxer Zipped Shorts


VynX Daring Long Sleeve Tee


PVC Panelled Mesh Boxers


PVC Long Fingerless Gloves


PVC Boot Cut Jeans


PVC Male Bikini


PVC White Smart Shirt


PVC Fingerless Short Gloves


PVC Vinyl Shorts


Mens Wetlook Front Pocket Shirt


PVC Black Male Icon Thong


PVC Classic Fit Shirt


PVC Classic Round Neck T...


PVC Fingerless Buckled Long Gloves


Wetlook 2-Way Zipped Catsuit


PVC Striped Wetlook Trousers


Faux Leather Gothic Inspired Trousers


PVC Mens Classic Short Sleeve...


VynX Assertion Catsuit


PVC Ardor Men's Mystery Box


PVC Fingerless Long Gloves


VynX Round Neck Tee


VynX Enhance


Delights Men’s Random Garment Mystery...


VynX Statement Dungarees with Buckles