Do you love leather but hate the leather production industry? See some of our favourite faux leather products. You can enjoy the look, style and image of leather without any of the issues. You can be sure that quality is never compromised here at Honour Clothing.

Vegan Friendly Leather

Vegan Friendly Leather (36)

Black Ladies Leatherette Smokey Shirt


Leatherette Morina Basque


Leatherette Mens Top


Leatherette Classic Mini Skirt


Black Leatherette Gloves


Leatherette Classic Jeans


Mens Leatherette Shorts


Leatherette Classic Style Jeans


Leatherette Micro Hipster Skirt


Jessie Mini Dress


Black Leatherette Pencil Skirt


Faux Leather Underbust Long Corset


Leatherette Classic Style Shirt


Leatherette Mens Polo Shirt


Thigh High Supple Boots


Merlo Matte Black Thigh High...


Matte Black Side Laced Thigh...


Short Sleeved Black Leatherette Shirt


Metal Studded Leather Corset &...


Leather Gladiator Kilt


Demi Leatherette Tank Top


Faux Leather Gothic Inspired Trousers


O Ring Leatherette Boxers


Leather Look Demi Vest


Leatherette Underbust Corset


Leatherette Figaro Basque


Faux Leather Knee High Boots


Leather Corset Style Dress


Asymmetry Black Skirt


Asymmetry Skirt


Leather Look Top & Skirt...


Leatherette Athlete Shorts