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Whether you're looking for a classic pair of patterned PVC Women's Knickers or a more innovative design that's perfect for clubbing, we're bound to have something that will suit. PVC Women's Knickers are available in a variety of colours, and can be worn with anything from skinny jeans to leather jackets. Look good while you dance the night away.

PVC Women's Knickers

PVC Women's Knickers (29)

Black PVC G-String


Black PVC High Waist Knix


PVC G String Featuring Chain


PVC Black Plum Knickers


Red PVC G-String


PVC Bordeaux Black Lace Up...


PVC Black Underwear


VynX High Waisted Briefs


VynX Pull On Briefs


Burgundy G String In PVC


Black PVC Studded G-String


PVC Elastic Waistband G-String


Black PVC Thong


PVC Classic Knickers


PVC Vintage Style Briefs


Blue Plastic Classic Pants


High Rise PVC Frilly Knickers


Vibrant Pink PVC G-String


Black PVC Boned Corset High...


VynX Meshing Wear Briefs


Blue Plastic Pants


Pink PVC G-String


Black & Silver PVC Buckled...


PVC Burgundy Underwear


PVC Bordeaux Burgundy Lace Up...


PVC Burgundy Plum Knickers


PVC Plum Thong


PVC G-String With Chain


Purple PVC High Waist Knix