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PVC Women's Dresses

PVC Women's Dresses come in a variety of colours and styles. From the very modern to classic, with long skirts or short, embellished or plain, you can find the perfect dress for any occasion.

PVC Women's Dresses (66)

PVC Samantha Dress


PVC Black Delphine Dress


PVC Vino Dress


PVC Tantalise Halter Dress


PVC High Neck Shift Dress


PVC Contra Dress


PVC Senora Dress in Burgundy


PVC Samantha Dress In Burgundy


PVC Delphine Buckled Dress


PVC Glossy Dress


PVC Senora Dress


PVC Sublime Dress


PVC Dani Divine Dress


PVC Loki Dress


PVC Gloria Dress


PVC Obsession Women's Mystery Box


Make Up Dress in Black/Red


PVC Front Zip Classico Dress


PVC Front Zip Halter Neck...


VynX Tubular Dress


Make Up Dress in B/W


PVC X Mesh Dress


PVC Margie Uniform With Apron


PVC Three Way Zip Dress


PVC Buckled Encompass Dress


Black PVC Subliminal Dress


PVC Clasera Mini Dress


Paradise Random Garment Women's Mystery...


PVC Larissa Pencil Dress


PVC Haunted Beaux Dress &...


PVC Boned Clarity Dress


PVC Nurse Style Dress With...