Latex In Daily Life: How Do I Style It?

Wearing latex on a daily basis - can it be done, and how do I do it? Many people enjoy wearing latex to events with particular dress codes, or simply alone at home to feel good, but what about wearing it out in public, while doing your grocery run? Celebrities have popularised the idea of wearing latex out and about with the likes of Kim K and Hailey Bieber flaunting their curves in latex, both on and off the red carpet, so why can’t we do it too? We’ve put together this handy guide to help you get started in your exploration of what the latex world has to offer.

The simplest way to begin incorporating latex into your daily wardrobe is to accessorise with it. We have a side range of latex accessories from gloves, to belts, to bags, and they couldn't be simpler to style.

Our latex bags are perfect for practicality with a bit of edge, as there’s nothing quite like them, use them on your daily commute, or for an evening out with friends - they’ll add a bit of oomph to your ‘fit, and keep your hands free at all times!

Belts are incredibly practical yet stylish too, and our black and red latex belt is the perfect statement piece to pair with plain jeans, shorts or dresses for a little something extra.

Gloves are our final pick for accessories, specifically our short zipped latex gloves, and our latex wrist gauntlets , perfect to dress up your formalwear or dress down your outfit on a night out, or trip to a gig or festival.

Mix and match to see what works for you, sometimes a little splash of coloured latex can make a huge difference, especially with layered textured styles.

Simple Items To Wear

Latex is an incredibly versatile material when it comes to layering, and adding dimension to your style, which is why we’ve chosen these specific pieces to layer with, as they flatter the body and work for all shapes and sizes!

Starting off simple, we love pairing our boned latex corset top with some super flattering mini skirt or jeans for a minimalist Y2K inspired look, with just a hint of rubber. This look can easily be dressed up for your favourite summer events, or down for your day trip to London, and it looks stunning either way!

Next up is our latex glance skirt, and our latex zipped mystery skirt, which we have paired with a graphic tee for a super casual yet standout look, and then a gorgeous fitted corset top for a more formal take. You’ll look differently styled every time, especially when you consider the wide range of skirts and colours we stock, combined with the endless graphic tees in existence, no outfit will be the same.

We absolutely love the idea of wearing button up flannels as jackets, so why not do the same with our latex classic shirt, and wear it loose and flowy over your favourite ‘fit. We’d choose a classic graphic tee and jeans, but this will work over anything!. It keeps your latex on the outside, and makes sure it’s the first piece noticed by everyone who sees you.

Outfits With More Latex

If all that wasn’t enough latex for you, don’t worry! We have a few outfits left which all combine larger, bolder latex pieces with a smaller amount of ‘regular’ clothing for the most standout look you can achieve without going full head to toe latex.

First up is the timeless classic - our silver zipped latex dress. This piece is so versatile, but we paired it with a bold denim jacket to really bring it to life - being available in multiple colours is definitely a bonus for styling, and that zipper makes it super easy to get on and off if you’re still new to the rubber scene.

If you fancy sticking to the route of top and jeans, you can upgrade your look by simply pairing one of our latex bodies, such as our renegade latex body, with any jeans or skirt for that little bit more skin coverage whilst still keeping it tasteful.

Alternatively, focus on flaunting your legs in our red latex skinny jeans, available in a vibrant red to draw all eyes in, and show off those shapely calves! These are super easy to style with oversized jackets, formal tops, casual tops - you name it, it works!

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