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Miratex is bringing the finest handcrafted latex bags to the market. We're reimagining what handbag collection should look like in latex while infusing each day with character and style. Each bag has a unique story and is handcrafted in collaboration with Forest Moon Designs, an artisan latex maker in the UK. 

Each bag takes hours of craftmanship and requires years of experience. Only the highest quality materials are used and each bag has a unique story with a touch of individuality from Forest Moon Designs. Each bag will come with a unique personal note from the designer.

Mirror your inner-self with one of these fantastic designs. Each bag comes with a special code that gives you 10% off your next purchase.

Miratex Rubber Latex Bags

Miratex Rubber Latex Bags (6)

Morticia Rubber Crossbody Bag


Lilith Shoulder and Crossbody Latex...


Nancy Rectangular Hip Bag


Sabrina Square Hip Bag


Wednesday Rubber Backpack


Lidia Diamond Studded Hip Bag