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Top 10 PVC Items

PVC is a brilliant alternative to Latex, and so much fun. We’ve broken down our top 10 PVC garments from best-sellers and customer favourites to the personal preferences of our designers and head office team to give you some inspiration for your next night out, office party or even just to spice up your everyday wardrobe. We’ve tried to include some pieces which we find fun to make and wear, and also some which are brilliant wardrobe staples.

Top 10 PVC Items (15)

Black PVC Long Gloves


2-Way PVC Catsuit


PVC Samantha Dress


PVC Black Straight Cut Jeans


PVC Black Delphine Dress


PVC Dancer Skirt


Red PVC Delphine Dress


White PVC Delphine Dress


White PVC Clarity Shirt


PVC Sleeveless Bordeaux Body


PVC Pink Party Skirt


VynX Flatter Leggings


PVC Hipster Skirt in Purple


VynX Statement Dungarees with Buckles


Black Men`s PVC Long Gloves