Noir Handmade's Wetlook clothing for men and women.  Immerse yourself in the glamour of the couture collection. Noir Handmade's couture pieces are designed to make you feel like royalty, showcasing sophistication in every detail. Dresses, Top. leggings and more! 

Noir Handmade

Noir Handmade (44)

Wetlook Two Way Zip Leggings


Wetlook Overalls & Leash


Midi Length Wetlook Lasercut Skirt


Wetlook Penny Pencil Skirt


Wetlook Trench Coat


Wetlook Dress & Corset


Wetlook 2 Way Zip Leggings


PVC Net Leggings


Wetlook Body & Velvet Choker


Eco Faux Leather Body


Wetlook X Tulle Catsuit


PVC Panel Kilt


Wetlook Collared Pencil Dress With...


Wetlook X Ecoleather Dress


Hooded Shirt With Drawstring Cord


Rear Pocket Powerwetlook Treggings


Wet Look Shorts With PVC...


Wetlook Red Zip Dress


Buttoned Top


PVC Striped Wetlook Trousers


Wetlook Midi Dress With Decorative...


Wetlook Zipped Contra Shorts


Wetlook Rock Chic Shorts


Mens Wetlook Front Pocket Shirt


Wetlook Styler Dress


Wetlook Net T Shirt


Wetlook 2-Way Zipped Catsuit


Wetlook x PVC Mens Shorts


Lizard Wetlook Shorts With Pockets


Footless Lasercut Stockings


Lizard Wetlook Sleeveless Hoodie


Lizard Wetlook Skinny Jeans With...