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Shop our range of exquisite PVC Clothing. We've put together a full range of pvc dresses, skirts and more! Designed and manufactured to for you to stand out from the crowd.

PVC Clothing

PVC Clothing (331)

100ml Begloss Special Wash Faux...


100ml Begloss Special Wash Vinyl


2-Way PVC Catsuit


250ml BeGloss Special Wash Vinyl


Asymmetry Black Skirt


Asymmetry Skirt


Black & Pink PVC Mini...


Black & Silver PVC Buckled...


Black Plastic Long Raincoat


Black Plastic Overcoat


Black Plastic Trousers


Black PVC & Lace Girdle


Black PVC Boned Corset High...


Black PVC Buckled Suspender Waspie


Black PVC Buckled Waspie Belt


Black PVC Clarity Body


Black PVC Clarity Skirt


Black PVC Club Mini Skirt


Black PVC Darque Underbust Corset


Black PVC Empress Basque


Black PVC G-String


Black PVC High Waist Knix


Black PVC Hotpants


Black PVC Long Gloves


Black PVC Mens Sleeveless Zip...


Black PVC Parisian Shorts


Black PVC Prime Suspender Belt


Black PVC Rise Bra


Black PVC Short Gloves


Black PVC Skin Tight Leggings


Black PVC Studded G-String


Black PVC Subliminal Dress